Prozesskontrolle und Lötbadpflege

Glass plate for wave soldering

  • to check contact and parallelism of solder waves and fluxing systems
  • high heat resistance
  • safe process control

Density meter

  • to easily measure the density of soldering fluxes in foam fluxes
  • measures temperature and density

Flux Titration Kit

  • to check the solid content of soldering fluxes in foaming fluxes
  • basic application


Solder bath treatment

Anti-oxidant pellets

  • for leaded or lead-free wave soldering
  • up to 50 % oxide reduction
  • lowers solder consumption
  • better through hole wetting
  • better heat transfer 
  • no micro-bridging 
  • reduction of solder dross formation


De-oxidation oil

  • separates oxides from good solder in a solder bath
  • reduces solder consumption