Coating Systems

The use of highly integrated electronics in modern engineering calls for selective, well-targeted protection against detrimental environmental influences, which lead to failures and breakdowns. High-performance coating technologies provide maximised protection and safety for your electronics.

KC-PRODUKTE GmbH develops and produces both standard and special-purpose machinery. Their coating machines represent one thing - decades of experience from their own coating shop sector.

Coating and potting systems

The response to your requirements is virtually boundless, thanks to the KC-Produkte dipping, flooding, spraying and dispensing equipment, batch and inline curing and handling systems.

Coating services

Customers are able to concretely select from a number if coating technologies. It is principally the Milli-Coat® partial dip coating and the selective Stream-Coat® spray coating systems that are applied. The customer is given information on the most suitable coating processes and on how the coating service logistivs work. What has priority, is to find a cost-effective and sound protection for the customers electronic assemblies.

  • partial or total dip coating
  • partial or total flooding, spraying
  • dispensing, manual layering processes
  • vacuum or mould potting
  • PCBA cleaning in spraying or dip coating system with ZESTRON products
  • contamination measurement
  • chemical or abrasive coating removal
  • technical consulting service