Solder pastes

Interflux solder pastes have a wide process window, are dimensionally stable and resistant to humidity. They are suitable for fine-pitch stencil printing and show an excellent wetting on lead-free metallizations as well as on OSP.

The special chemical formulation of the pastes widely prevents micro solder ball formation. It can be used for soldering with or without nitrogen.

Lead-free pastes

  • LP 5707 - ROL0 for long profiles without nitrogen
  • DP 5600 - ROL0 SnBi(Ag) melting temperature at 139°C 
  • DP 5505 - ROL0 low voiding
  • Delphine 5503 - REL0 for vapour phase soldering
  • IF 9009LT - REL1 for degraded and dificult to solder surfaces

Leaded pastes

  • DP 5505 - ROL0
  • IF 9009LT - REL1

Water soluble solder paste

  • WSP 2006 - ORM0 water soluble solder paste